Epsilon makes exhilarating, risk-taking theatre that is as difficult for the audience as it is for the actors on Stage. We are dedicated to new ways of making theatre.

Epsilon strives to produce superb theatre of the highest caliber. We aim to tell good stories well, simply and with ease. To be able to connect with each audience member in some form that everyone can relate to is a challenge we rise to.
One of the driving forces behind Epsilon is to be able to give unknown talent, on both sides of the footlights a platform to hone their skills and excel.
We are passionate to find pieces of theatre that stand out from the crowd & that hits the solar plexus of the audience and takes them on a roller coaster journey of emotion. We look to fire debate in the bar during the interval and to stand as a talking point amongst friends.

“Epsilon is a thriving independent theatre company” – The Times (Chicken Shop)

“Over the past few years, Epsilon Productions have been making quite a splash with some powerful, high quality work.” – London Theatre Guide (Skin Tight)

Angela Bull
Angela Bull – Producer

Epsilon Productions was founded in 2006 by Angela Bull & Erica Lowe. With both of us having a list as long as your arm of plays that we wanted to perform in, a few drinks inside us and on the longest most dull train journey possible, whose final destination was Peterborough (why?!!!!! Don’t ask) we decided we must surely be intelligent enough and know enough people to blag our way into the theatre industry with a company of our own. I mean how *hiccup* hard can it be?

Well as it turns out several years & award winning productions later…..  it is quite hard, but oh so rewarding.


Jemma Gross - Artistic Director
Jemma Gross 

Jemma Gross was the Artistic Director of Epsilon from 2012 to 2018. Invited to direct our production of Gary Henderson’s “Skin Tight”, it became very clear, very quickly that a special bond was being formed & the decision to bring Jemma on board officially as Epsilon’s Artistic Director was not a hard one. The productions Jemma worked on with us gained critical acclaim & helped grow the company from strength to strength.


Erica Lowe


Erica founded Epsilon Productions with Angela in 2006. Although Erica is no longer pursuing a career in theatre & the arts she continues to remain a pillar of great support & a wonderful friend & we wish her love, luck & success in all her ventures.