About “Epsilon Productions”

By Terrance Rigby

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Epsilon have produced three plays with us now.
Their recent successes with Chicken Shop and Crystal Springs saw them take eight weeks back to back in Park90, our flexible studio theatre.
Concerning sex trafficking and teenage cyber bullying respectively, the scripts were both topical and of huge societal interest.
Angela and her team produced them to a high standard and enthralled our audiences. The entire company were a pleasure to work with at all times.
Jez Bond – Park Theatre Artistic Director

Epsilon are always a joy to have in the building. They advocate their work with passion and dedication and this ensures that their ethos and commitment is invested in the heart of the work they produced. They are organised, professional and even fun to work with and have working in a building. Their enthusiasm spreads out of the auditorium and through the building effortlessly. I love having a visit from Angie, Jemma and their teams!

John-Jackson Almond – Park Theatre Executive Director

The State vs John Hayes

Prior to The State vs John Hayes, I had the pleasure to work with Epsilon productions twice before as a performer (Crystal Springs and Chicken Shop). They are a passionate and dedicated team who fight for the work they believe in and for those they work with.
The State vs John Hayes was my debut piece of writing, already previously performed and understandably very close to my heart, so to be able to join forces on this with a company like Epsilon was incredibly satisfying. They worked with me to understand and highlight the heart of the play, and encouraged me as a writer – something I very much appreciated. They also integrated a talented core team, people who approached the play with care and understanding, and were a pleasure to work with throughout. With Epsilon I have had some of the most positive experiences of my career, this included. They are a fearless creative team, working in great detail to get the most out of a project and are out to make some really special theatre. I would trust my work was in very capable hands with them and hope it will be again
Lucy Roslyn – Author of ‘The State vs John Hayes’

Epsilon productions brought State vs John Hayes by Lucy Roslyn to the Kings Head Theatre as our headline show for #Festival45 championing new writing. They are a driven and ambitious company and it was wonderful to have that dedication and passion in the building. As producers here it was great to work with a company that is so engaged and proactive and have a clear vision for their company. The show was fantastic and of a high quality and the audiences definitely agreed! We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Louisa Davis – Kings Head Theatre Producer

Angela Bull is a fantastic theatre producer – an excellent contact sheet and understanding of the industry, steely determination to get the job done and calm, collected and methodical under pressure. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.
Chris Hislop – Theatre Publicist

As I reflect upon the past year I am reminded of the things that challenged, moved and shaped me.
Therefore I wanted to thank you for the wonderful “The State vs John Hayes”.
It was a beautiful feast that will live long through my own creative journey. I thought Lucy’s performance was magical. Pleases do pass on my congratulations.
I hope some day our creative paths cross. Until then I look forward to your new inspiring delights.
Best wishes for a joyful 2016.
Katherine Newman – Audience member

Chicken Shop

I was so pleased with Epsilon’s production of my play Chicken Shop. The production was dynamic, energetic and nuanced. The casting was excellent and the actors gave such beautiful performances I am keen to work with all of them again. Jemma’s direction was excellent and I was really impressed with Epsilon’s marketing practice and general ethos. Chicken Shop was a great experience.

Anna Jordan – Author of ‘Chicken Shop’

Chicken Shop is a vibrant, visceral and needed production. Beautifully produced by Epsilon, slickly directed by Jemma Gross through an ingenious multi-environment set, in the confines and intimacy of a 90 seat auditorium. A bold and challenging piece that needed to be seen; but now demands a continued audience.

John-Jackson Almond – Park Theatre Executive Director

Crystal Springs

The most important element between a theatre company and a playwright is the feeling of trust. After looking at Epsilon’s past productions and then speaking with both Angie and Jemma, I trusted that they would do something very special with my play, CRYSTAL SPRINGS. They did not disappoint. As a team, they were enthusiastic, creative, industrious and with a strong sense of their vision for the play. They put together a good design team and found an outstanding cast of actors. The reviews were better than I could ever have imagined. It was an experience I will never forget and I will always be grateful to Epsilon Productions.
Kathy Rucker – Author of ‘Crystal Springs’

Skin Tight

Epsilon Productions came to Park Theatre with “Skin Tight” in July 2013 for our opening season

They were brilliantly professional and delivered a great 5 Star production. Angela Bull and her team were lovely to have in the building – always friendly, well organised.

Amy Lumsden – Park Theatre Assistant to the Directors


Angela Bull and her team at Epsilon productions are an
absolute pleasure to work with. They create a unique blend of
exciting, challenging and dynamic theatrical productions
without forgetting the need to be accessible to the audience.
They bring professional production standards and an approach
to partnership working between company and venue that
should be ‘Page 1’ in the textbook to theatre production. One of
the best companies we have had at the Tabard Theatre and we
look forward to working with them again in the future.

Simon Reilly – Tabard Theatre Artistic Director

Fun Like Stalingrad

Working with Epsilon on their production of my stageplay Fun Like Stalingrad was an absolute joy. I found them to be both sympathetic to the demands of the script as well as being very original in terms of what they as a Production Company brought to the script themselves.Great acting, great set, great Director, great organisation generally.They can do wonderfully what so many Production Companies claim to be able to well but can’t actually do i.e comedy.! Comedy – That hardest art form of art forms was like Childs play to them. They did justice to every subtlety and nuance in the script in a way that cannot be commended too highly.Professional, efficient and downright friendly are the words that come to mind when I think of my time working with them. They will be my first choice in terms of a production company the next time I’m looking for Southern production interest for a script. Would I work with them again? I’d walk the 200 odd miles to be able to work with them again. Someone said to me recently that Southerners can’t do comedy quite like ‘us up North can’. I thought of Epsilon and laughed.

Len Pentin – Author of “Fun Like Stalingrad”

We were lucky enough to house the production of “Fun like Starlingrad” in November 2007. I have nothing but praise for this company who were pleasant and professional and a real joy to have in the Theatre. The calibre of the production and performances were of the highest standard you will find anywhere on the fringe. They were hard working, fun, resourceful and full of energy and passion for the play and the theatre. It is for these reasons that they would be more than welcome to come back to The Hen and Chickens any time they wished.

Mark Lyminster – Hen & Chickens Theatre Manager  

Hi guys. As discussed at the after match function, last night was a double-header bonus night for June and I.Not only had we come 12,000 miles to “see Erica’s play” we actually enjoyed it!Really funny all the way through with my special favourites being the “interrogation of the non cluedo lady from clithero” and “putting the cat through the wringer”Given the rapid transition at the end I thought ‘In Vino Veritas!”Great night out, really nice meeting husbands and housemates and doing the small world thing of meeting Benji!Take care, and keep doing it!

Joe Stewart – Audience member

Hey Erica
It was great seeing you in the show yesterday. I really felt transported into the characters’ world and thought you two did great. It’s always a privilege to see you on the stage. The breaking up with the fiance storyline was close to home (!) but it helps to know i’m not the only one. I hope you enjoyed your last show. I am looking forward to your next production!
Take care

Susy – Audience member


We were very happy to have Epsilon produce Othello at our theatre.  The production was imaginative and made good use of our small space.  We were impressed with their organizational and administrative capabilities, which is always good to find in a young theatre company.Othello was well received by the critics and by our regular audience. Schools who saw the performance said it helped their students enormously.‘Word of Mouth’ was very good locally, so much so that towards the end of the run several performances sold out.Epsilon would be welcome back at the Gatehouse anytime.Katie x

Katie and John Plews – Upstairs at the Gatehouse Theatre Artistic Directors

I was lucky enough to see Epsilon Productions’ premiere production, Othello, in October 2006.I was impressed that the company had managed to sell out the venue and make the show such a financial success, something that is always hard to achieve on the Fringe and a testament to the hard work and creative drive of the two founders.It was a thoroughly engaging production and clearly Epsilon Productions has a great future, which will continue to contribute to the growth and development of Fringe theatre in London.

Neal Foster – Birmingham Stage Company

I am writing to congratulate you on your fantastic debut production of Othello for Epsilon Productions. I went to see the play with some actor friends of mine last night and we really enjoyed ourselves. (We chatted briefly to Angela and Natasha downstairs afterwards, commending your high achievements). I just wanted to give you two thumbs up for such a bold premier performance.The production was incredibly thorough, it gave great attention to the finer details of the text; this made an often heavy language very clear and accessible. The sparse visuals on the stage allowed me to focus entirely on the performances and I found that this was a key factor in my enjoyment of the piece. Often when attending fringe productions one tries not to expect
too high a standard, however the tight and professional gusto of last nights performance left me feeling incredibly positive and excited. I will be sure to spread the word around my piers.I would imagine at this stage that you are beside yourselves with the current production but I would love to keep in touch with you.Best wishes for the rest of the run and indeed everything else upcoming.RegardsLouise White.

Louise White – Audience member